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    • If I have FrontRunner Professional register my website address, will it be registered in my name or FrontRunners name?
      FrontRunner Professional follows the industry standard business practice of 99% of website address registrars. We will never register the website address of one of our valued customers in anyone's name other than theirs.
    • Why is the website solution so affordably priced?
      The website solution is a testament to our long term commitment to aid funeral professionals and our valued customers. Given the size, strength and resources of our two great companies, coupled with some very smart technology and memorial candle strategy, we are able to not only keep the cost of this solution affordable to any size firm, but provide inherent features that help you reduce the total cost of ownership down to nothing. We see our solutions as more of a long term investment in our customers and a leadership responsibility. We will continue to turn out new products and solutions with the single focus of helping the profession excel in today's markets.
    • Is there any software that needs to be installed?
      Our Funeral Director Software is web-based and requires no installation of software in order to use the functionality of the program. The system utilizes the 256-bit encryption security (the same as banks) and your data is automatically backed-up hourly. More importantly, being web-based, any support issues you may have can usually be fixed within minutes.
    • Can I use these solutions on my Mac computer?
      Our funeral home management software is not dependant on any computer platform. You can use either a Windows-based PC or Mac to complete your daily tasks.
    • How does this solution compare with others that are on the market?
      Frankly, there is nothing on the market today that can compare with the comprehensiveness and sheer overall strategy of the solution. This single system has been designed to replace any single applications that are on the market today, and will continue to evolve and exceed anything that enters the market tomorrow. All for one low cost.
    • Do the solutions allow for family interactivity?
      Yes. Ours were one of the first solutions on the market to allow the family to be provided with a user name and password, allowing them to choose from an ever-evolving list of features they can control within their loved ones Book of Memories™. In addition, funeral homes and cemeteries can also allow the family or executor to input information remotely from any distance and provide critical vital statistics information, before, during or after the funeral.

Funeral Home Websites

Website FAQs

    • Do I pay a fee to make changes to my website?
      Unlike many other funeral home web site solutions, we give you the ability to edit your own written content, whenever you want, free of charge.
    • How long does it take to get a web site live?
      After you have submitted an order form, your web site will begin to take formation immediately. We target your website to go live within 7-10 business days, however it is possible to have a site live in minutes allowing you to add your first death notice immediately. In that time frame, we will be providing training for your assigned website administrator. If you choose to have your funeral records (pictures, obituary and condolences) moved from your existing website there will be 2-3 business days added to the timeline before your site will be ready to go live.
    • Can I see some examples of websites?
      We have created many website designs, custom and templates, that our Funeral Professional customers have selected over the years. You can view a sample showcase or request a list of customers for you to review.
    • Do I need to purchase a Domain Name?
      If you do not currently own a domain, you will have to purchase one. All web sites should have at least one domain name that directs customers to your web site. You can purchase any number of domain names and have them all directed to your web site; this strategy is part of our Search Engine Optimization program. If you already own a domain, we can handle all of the arrangements to get it transferred over to your new site.
    • What if I already have a web site? Do I start over?
      There are many ways that we can use your existing web site content in your new website solution. We can transfer your content from your existing web site and fit it into your new site. If your existing site has Funeral Records (pictures, obituaries and condolences) we can transfer those as well to your new web site for a fee. If you have spent a great deal of money on your existing website design and would prefer to keep your own design, that is not a problem. We can transfer your existing site design, and have it work with your FrontRunner website solution.

Funeral Home Management System

Funeral Management System

    • Are your solutions web-based?
      Yes, you can access our funeral home software from any internet-enabled computer from your home, your office or even on vacation! Always stay connected with your business no matter where you are. And because it utilizes 256-bit security encryption (which is the same as banks use) safety will never be a concern.
    • What kind of back-up plans do you have in place?
      The strength of WebSuite is that there is multiple redundancy plans put in place in the case that there is an issue with your information being deleted, or if you experience a computer failure. There has been over $400,000 invested in server infrastructure and data backup procedures. We are full Sarbanes-Oxley compliant with disaster recovery procedures in place that mirrors data by the second at a secondary facility. Back up occurs in real time and we are also developing applications that allow automatic nightly back up on client side computers.
    • How do I know my information is safe and secure from internet hackers?
      We have implemented the strongest possible security certificates on our servers. Your data is encrypted as you type the information so that when it is being saved to our servers it is safe and secure from any possible hackers that may try to "listen" for the information. We have also enabled numerous web traffic analysis tools to watch any online visitors and their activities. We have the capability of shutting down their Internet Service Provider quickly if we feel that a malicious attempt is being made on any of our customers.
    • Can I print Government forms?
      Our forms printing program will give you the ability to print any form found in our system, government or internal. More importantly, if you need to add a new form to the system, we have provided an easy to use form builder program that takes the original form and allows you to place fields where you want them and then save the form to your system. You can virtually build any number of forms that you need for your firm and have them pre-populate with any information entered into your system.
    • Can I use this software in front of families?
      Rich graphical interfaces have been designed to allow you to use this system during the arrangement process with your families. It allows you to have the family interact with the arrangement process and allows you to present products, services and options in a way you never thought possible. Using the system with the family can significantly help in reducing errors, making the arrangement process far more efficient and precise.
    • Can I use the software on a laptop going to a family's home for arrangements?
      Many of our users are starting to use the program remotely when they go to a family's home during pre-arrangements or during at-need situations. By using our funeral home software, you can demonstrate products and services through the Interactive KIOSK module. This module allows the funeral director to customize the caskets in front of the family, allowing them to see what their personalization options will look like on the screen instead of trying to visualize through casket catalogs. All you will need to achieve this is a laptop computer, our software and a wireless internet connection.

Book Of Memories

Book Of Memories FAQs

    • What is meant by direct-to-consumer approaches?
      We have developed a long term strategy of ongoing market driver initiatives to capture and drive the public to the network of our customers. This will occur from a series of publically focused topical websites that will provide convenient and timely subject matters direct to consumers, who in turn will be introduced to the growing network of FrontRunner customers.
    • What are Market Drivers?
      Market Drivers are a series of ever evolving direct to consumer initiatives consisting of ads, consumer focused websites and other strategic initiatives designed to re-direct consumers to the growing network of FrontRunner users. Building on the advanced integrated core logic of the system, these Market Drivers not only contain information rich features but also open the door to real conveniences and time saving efficiencies to you and your communities like you never thought possible.
    • Are the Agency Quality Ads free to use?
      Yes, you may use any of the ads as long as you are an authorized user of our software and pay the monthly licensing and access fee. There are over 26 categories of ready-made ad mats at your fingertips. With over 190+ and growing individual ad mats to choose from, your investment in our software will be greatly enhanced as you utilize these ads. But also, as the Ad library continues to grow... so does your investment. Best of all — all of these ads have been designed for multiple output. You can select a size to forward to your local newspaper, or choose from standard 8.5" x 11" / 11" x 17" or full 30" poster size and display these ads in various high traffic areas around your facility.
    • How often do new Ads get added to the library?
      The Ad Library is constantly updated with new ad mats that have been recommended by our customers. While there is no set number of new ads, we can say that the Ad Library alone is worth the price of our software. Some Funeral Professionals will pay up to $3500/month for unlimited use of other marketing companies' ad libraries. Our library is included at no cost.
    • Is there a limit of Community Church web sites that we can donate?
      There is no limit to the number of Community Church web sites that can be donated by your funeral establishment. It is based on a first-come first-served basis in areas where there are multiple customers.
    • Who trains the church that we donate a site to?
      When you donate a web site to your community church, it is the responsibility of the Funeral Professional to provide training to the church on how to update the website. It works the exact same way as your current solution. This program has been designed to provide you an opportunity to work closer with the churches in your community, not just at the time of a funeral.
    • Do you provide other graphic and marketing services?
      Absolutely. We have one of the largest, award-winning teams of creative talent on the market, providing you with access to this talent is all a part of the strategy behind the all-encompassing systems. Give us a call if you have specific needs.

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