Funeral Home Websites That Look and Perform Great on Any Device
  • Pre-Written Content for Optimal Results

    Pre-Written Content for Optimal Results

    With a number pre-written pages, we can get you up and running quickly. Our writers have developed content for your funeral home website which educates, engages, and converts your at-need and pre-need website visitors into customers and positions your firm as their go-to resource.

  • Mobile-Friendly Funeral Websites

    Mobile-Friendly Funeral Websites

    FrontRunner's Responsive Technology automatically reconfigures your website to look perfect on any device - smartphones, tablets, laptops, and full-screen computer monitors. Since more than 1/4 of web traffic comes from mobile devices, a device-friendly website is a must.

  • Mac & PC Compatible

    Mac & PC Compatible

    Unlike most of our competitors, FrontRunner's funeral home websites are compatible with any operating system. We aim to give you complete accessibility. Our web-based funeral home software means you can access, edit, or view your website on a PC or Mac – the choice is yours.

  • Edit Your Website; Anytime, Anywhere

    Edit Your Website; Anytime, Anywhere

    Need to make a change to your funeral website’s content while away from the office? Maybe you are at a seminar, at a cottage, or in another country. With our web-based software, it doesn’t matter where you are. Make changes anywhere, from any device – laptop, smartphone or tablet.

  • Pre & At-Need Funeral Planning Tools

    Pre & At-Need Funeral Planning Tools

    Funeral planning isn’t something most people think about until they have to. It’s why we’ve made it our business to make it easy for you to provide your clients with the most streamlined and sophisticated funeral planning resources available, start to finish.

  • Funeral Quote Builder

    Funeral Quote Builder

    When your funeral website has an online quote builder for families to search for products and services just like they do in their everyday world, it shows them just how much you are responding to their needs. Simplify their research, and generate your firm new calls with the quote builder.

  • Built-In Grief Support Resources

    Built-In Grief Support Resources

    Your funeral home website will be their continued support not only for the collection of pre-written articles and resources, but also from delivering the 365 Days of Healing email series to help them cope, and the 52 Weekly Tips to help them help a loved one, all signed by your firm.

  • Online Funeral Arrangements

    Online Funeral Arrangements

    Not all families are in the same city or even country as their deceased love one, which is why our funeral home website designs offer people the opportunity to arrange services online, from the comfort and convenience of their home. Adding convenience for families, and saving you time.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    Share relevant news and information across all social media platforms right from your FrontRunner system without extra work. It’s all part of our commitment to bring you technology solutions that virtually cost you nothing and streamline your funeral business processes.

  • Advanced SEO for Enhanced Profits

    Advanced SEO for Enhanced Profits

    We help your firm stand apart from competing funeral home websites in the search engine ranking pages. We’ve got the right vision, and the right SEO strategy and we know what’s right for your firm. Shouldn’t your website be the FrontRunner in search engine rankings?

  • Book of Memories Tribute Websites

    Book of Memories Tribute Websites

    These permanent, easy-to-create tributes are live on your website the minute a theme is chosen. Simply choose from over 150 themes to reflect their life lived and truly wow your families. The built-in anniversary reminder is just one way we keep them coming back to your website.

  • The Convenience of Auto-Obits

    The Convenience of Auto-Obits

    By automatically posting obituaries to your firm’s funeral home website, we help you streamline the data entry process, giving you more time to focus on your clients, community, and your business. Our promise is simple: you’ll never have to enter the same information twice.

  • Power of a Nationally Branded Memorial

    Power of a Nationally Branded Memorial

    More and more families are choosing firms with the Book of Memories as their standard for memorialization. It’s one more reason for families to land on your doorstep instead of your competitors. It’s the beauty and power of marketing and it’s your firm that reaps the rewards!

  • Protect Your Firm from Obit Piracy

    Protect Your Firm from Obit Piracy

    Don’t let third party obituary sites take credit and revenue from your firm or destroy the image you’ve worked so hard to build. We send your obits to our trusted obituary posting websites, capture the traffic and re-direct them back to your funeral home website, where they belong.

  • Increase Revenue with Dignity

    Increase Revenue with Dignity

    Generating revenue online is about recognizing what your clients need. As funeral directors ourselves, we build your revenue programs different than most. Through online flower ordering, sympathy cards, memorial candles and funeral concierge services we help them, and you - always.

  • One-Click Forms Printing

    One-Click Forms Printing

    Say goodbye to briefcases of files and forms and desks full of paperwork. With FrontRunner, you can print your statement of death, clergy record and other forms from your PC, tablet or smartphone in the click of a button, with the data already entered. Clean, Simple and Efficient.

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