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Easily generate new revenue while providing families with information about your firm and funeral options.

Business Management

Quickly manage all your funeral arrangements, paperwork and day-to-day business in one place.

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Offer new services to your community by using the tools already own. Turn-key opportunities await.

Totally Connected

Enter information once and your software moves data where it's needed. Everything works together.

Your exclusive partner.

If every funeral professional uses the same products and services, what makes your business unique?

FrontRunner Professional prides itself on designing solutions that help funeral professionals now and in the future. We promise to provide our clients with the tools they need to best support families and trump any competition, even if that means turning away other funeral homes in your area. Our only focus is your success. Now that's unique!

Only 1-in-4 can partner with FrontRunner. You choose who can use our tools.
First access to brand-new services from FrontRunner and our partners.
Dedicated success coach who knows your firm and knows you by name.
Automatic buying power and rewards program with funeral solutions group.

Building a community.

One partnership at a time.

At FrontRunner Professional, we are particular about the business partnerships we form and only seek out those who share our desire to raise the standards of the funeral profession.
Follow us online and find out what it's like to have us as a partner.

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FrontRunner Professional is a family-owned and operated company committed to creating technology that becomes part of the solution, not the problem. We operate the old fashioned way; one client at a time.