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Cremation is now the most popular death care choice in North America—with over 50% of people in the United States and over 70% of people in Canada choosing to be cremated instead of buried traditionally. At FrontRunner, we have two powerful solutions to help your firm meet the cremation needs of today's families. You can choose between a website solution or a turn-key business solution, A Simple Cremation complete with a website, document printing, stationery, DVD and ready-to-use marketing materials. Whether you are looking to start a cremation business or simply expand the services offered by your funeral home, our two cremation solutions are built to help you get there.

  • Cremation Website
  • A Simple Cremation Business Solution

Cremation Website

Cremation Website

A well-designed, informative and engaging website is the best way to attract new business. Your new cremation site will be powered by our latest website technology and allows you to create the perfect experience for families online. Take advantage of an extensive content library of licensed photos, pre-built sections and family-first tools like grief resources and a custom quote builder to turn that experience into leads for your business. Your site will allow families to pre-plan from the comfort of their own home and learn more about the benefits of cremation, position your firm as the go-to for cremation services in your area.

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Popular Website Add-Ons

Social Media Management

With the cremation market becoming larger each year, it is crucial for your firm to rank above the competition. Our SEO team can put your firm front and center on search engines. From optimizing site content to managing paid advertising campaigns on your behalf, we will employ a result-driven approach and years of experience to make your cremation website stand out.

Get Social

Search Engine Optimization

It has never been more important to let families know that you offer the services they are looking for. Our social team has a proven track record of generating pre-need leads through connecting with those families long before they ever need your services. We will create, execute and manage a social media strategy that can help you be the firm people think of first.

Rank Higher


Whether you have a stand-alone cremation business or are just rebranding your cremation services as separate from your traditional offerings, having a consistent and appealing brand will go a long way. We have an experienced design team that can create all of the pieces you need to properly spread the word about your cremation offerings.

Set Your Firm Apart

A Simple Cremation Business System

Equipped with management software complemented by a family-focused website and with access to invaluable grief, marketing and planning resources, A Simple Cremation providers are able to effectively offer simple and cost-effective cremation services for their communities in conjunction with or as an ancillary to their traditional funeral home offerings. A Simple Cremation offering can dramatically expand your service radius to attract new client families and new revenues more than you ever thought possible.

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Features of A Simple Cremation

Features of A Simple Cremation

Cremation Website

Connect with families using a website you can completely make your own. Built to rank on search engines, families will learn about your cremation services, plan ahead and even build a quote or make payment online.

Memorial Tributes

Create a permanent online memorial tribute page for your families, complete with matching stationery and a DVD tribute or slideshow. With built-in revenue generating features, it's unlike anything your firm, or your families, have experienced before.

Cremation Tools for Families

Give families the answers and tools they need to make a decision. Long before families contact you, they turn to Google to do their homework. With our cremation website, you move outside of the 'package' trend and in a position to better serve families based on what they want.

Grief Resources

Empower families to find the answers they are looking for. From online articles and grief support tools on your website to downloadable guides with your branding on them, families will know exactly who to turn to for cremation services.

Sell Urns & Cremation Products Online

Provide services and generate revenues while you sleep. Your new website gives you the opportunity to sell urns, memorial keepsakes and more. Families can browse products and make payment online, just as they would on sites like Amazon.

Complete Paperwork in One Click

Create and print forms with a simple click of a button. A Simple Cremation uses one-write logic; enter the vital information once and the fields instantly populate the forms you need such as the Death Certificate and Cremation Authorization Form.

Ready-to-Use Marketing Materials

With FrontRunner's all-in-one cremation system, you never need to think about marketing materials again. We give you a line of ready-to-use brochures, business stationery, ad templates, vehicle wraps, family resources and more. Just add your logo and print!

Lead Generation

Naturally, you'll receive leads from your new website. However, we take it further. With our all-in-one solution, we educate families on A Simple Cremation and available cremation services, and encourage them to find their closest provider: YOU!