Why Do Business With Us? - The FrontRunner Professional Difference

Our Customers

Customers are our most valuable asset and also our most valuable resource. We attribute a great deal of our success to the ideas and suggestions that clients have to help them better run and manage their businesses. We are extremely proud of the number of clients that have put their trust in all that we do for them. For many clients, it is difficult to comprehend all that we do for them, but almost unanimously, they are all glad that we have their back and are always looking out for their best interest.

Reward Programs

We believe that loyalty should come with. We have worked closely with the American Express rewards model and offer our clients our own system that rewards you points for every dollar you spend with FrontRunner. These points can be redeemed for thousands of items, from sports equipment, electronics, and jewelry to travel vacations. No other technology company does more for their clients.

The FrontRunner Promise

We promise to remain committed to helping our great profession as we all adjust and look for new ways to help our clients better serve our changing markets. We promise that no casket company or vendor that we partner with will ever have access to your confidential data, visitor traffic or online profits and that we will never sell your data to any third parties. We will remain ever vigilant as watchdogs for our profession against any use of technology that could threaten the future of funeral service or negatively impact the funeral profession. Furthermore, we remain committed to remaining a family run company, with the assurance we will not sell our clients out to special interest groups with deep pockets. We, like you, see our future in funeral service and look forward to being a part of it for generations.

Client Loyalty

No other technology company does more to help drive higher client and family loyalty to your firm than FrontRunner. But we don't stop there. We remain committed to the funeral profession and our clients by staying focused on the funeral profession and helping them succeed. We operate a tight ship in order to help ensure that we have a well-run company with the financial stability to still be here in the morning for our clients, without the downward spiral of always having to seek new investors.

Buying Group

Working under a networked approach, we have leveraged our 2800+ clients to provide each of them with real buying group power. We have been successful in arranging a significant savings for our clients through our own portal with Staples in both Canada and the US. We will continue to open more and more buying opportunities using the strength of our numbers to negotiate savings for our clients.

The FrontRunner Difference

At FrontRunner we come from a small family-owned funeral home background. We understand its uniqueness and the new challenges facing our profession. We have taken a leadership approach to developing solutions that honors and respects the heritage of funeral service, while respecting the changing needs of consumers. We have aligned ourselves with the leading vendor companies that share that same passion and working together we all seek to provide the affordable solutions that all firms, regardless of size or call volume, need to effectively compete in today's markets. We do not engage in aggressive sales practices. Our team has strong work ethics and respect. We are a company that understands the 24/7 nature of the internet and the 24/7 nature of our client's businesses.

10 reasons to take a closer look at FrontRunner Professional

One look at this list and you'll realize that FrontRunner is no ordinary technology company. Combining real funeral experience with advanced strategic initiatives, we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into solutions each year to help you reach further. Compare us to anything your existing website provider is doing and you'll quickly realize that "if you're not in, you're out."

  1. Extensive experience coupled with vision.
  2. We have extensive knowledge of the funeral service profession, and are led by a man who spent over 30 years as a licensed funeral director. He's sat where you are, and yet sees the "big picture" of funeral service. He respects the heritage and reputation of your great profession, and clearly sees how FrontRunner Professional can give funeral home owners confidence and business assurance, while reinforcing the integrity and trust that families place in funeral professionals.

  3. Total dedication.
  4. Your project manager will work closely with you to develop a funeral home website tailored to showcase your business and service offerings. Need website changes made? No problem. Looking for additional support in using our funeral home management software or arrangement tools, or the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite? No problem. Your project manager is as close as your phone.

  5. Unparalleled design.
  6. The FrontRunner design team is without equal in the industry. When you come to FrontRunner, you come to the pinnacle of innovative; deeply enriching, creative brand-enhancing design solutions. But the design of our funeral home websites is more than just beautiful. It's functional, on a deeper level. We pay attention to page Title tags and Meta description tags during a website's design process, because we know they are a key component of effective website design. Your community will love it, and so will the search engines.

  7. Unbelievably responsive support services.
  8. We know the importance of giving our clients the highest quality of service and support. That's why FrontRunner Professional clients can reach a member of our support staff 24/7. We never turn off our cell phones, or are very far away from our computers. We're committed to their success, literally "around the clock". And when you become a FrontRunner client, we'll do the same for you.

  9. Effortless revenue generation.
  10. FrontRunner integrated revenue generators into the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite and memorial tribute websites. Couple those with the online Sympathy & Tribute Gift Store, which offers the highest commissions available, and you've got proven ways to generate significant income while offering a higher level of service to your community.

  11. A vast network, working for you.
  12. Our network of integration partners, association partners, and distribution partners exists to arm your firm with advanced technology solutions. The overriding goal of this network is to set a new standard for funeral professionals. And then they go one step further.

  13. Working with FrontRunner Professional is cost efficient.
  14. From the Book of Memories™ Tribute Suite, to the all-inclusive Total Business Solution, our products and packages are affordable. Your project manager will update you on new customization options, without pressuring you to add unnecessary features.

  15. We take efficiency to the next level.
  16. The FrontRunner arrangement software captures data in a manner that was once not possible, and then uses the captured information to run to all of the integrated features within your system. Print forms, compile obituaries and death notices and electronically submit to the newspapers of your choice. Our management solution opens more data capture to allow the creation of full contracts and export data to QuickBooks. And it doesn't stop there.

  17. Ours are fully customizable solutions.
  18. We're continuing to develop and offer apps in our App Shop which allow you to build the Total Business Solution that best suits your needs. Whether you're a small firm with less than 50 calls a year; to one with multiple locations, and a call volume in the hundreds, FrontRunner Professional can tailor the perfect system for your needs today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

  19. We have a passion for funeral home technology.
  20. But, not just any technology — it's got to perform. Forward-thinking in every detail, our developers see a problem, select the right coding tools, and design a solution that performs better than anything else on the market today. And, they stay current with technological innovations knowing they will need to meet your changing needs in the future.

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